Israeli President Shimon Peres Has Prediction On World War

Having lived through several major wars in his lifetime, Israeli president Shimon Peres has made some interesting predictions about the future of world peace. The aging prime minister has survived through the Holocaust and World War II. Additionally, he was active in all of Israel’s major war campaigns since the nation’s creation in 1948. The experienced Israeli politician has even won a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts on building good relations with Palestinians. The 21st century has not been very promising in terms of Israeli peace with Palestinians or the Arab neighbors.

Shimon Peres hopes for peace and stability in Read the rest of this entry »

Is December 21 of 2012 The End Of Time?

Many individuals have both expressed as well as hidden fears that December 21 of 2012, a date when the Mayan calendar concludes one of its major cycles, will actually be the end of time as we know it on planet Earth. Some researchers have gone so far as to suggest that the poles on the Earth will suddenly and inexplicably shift on this date, reversing the south and north magnetic poles. But scientists from NASA have stepped into the debate and say they are certain that no such shift of the Earth’s poles will take place, Read the rest of this entry »

Durable Goods Order Drop Is Largest In Three Years

The U.S. economy remains in a precarious position as orders and purchases of durable goods continue to fall. From July to August, durable goods orders dropped by more than 13, making it the largest drop over a one-month period in over three years.

What Are Durable Goods and How Do They Indicate Economic Conditions?

The term “durable goods” refers to items like manufactured products that are durable or meant to last. Durable goods include items like refrigerators, televisions, cars, and furniture. During periods of low economic Read the rest of this entry »

Economy Falling – Criminal Activity is Booming

When the recession hit, economic scholars screamed doom and gloom. People panicked at what would most assuredly be an economic apocalypse. Do you think it was all that bad? Were you one of those families who battened down the hatches and built panic rooms in your basement? Did you buy a home security system or ask “can I get free security system installation?” in the panic?

The truth is that despite how you or the rest of the country might have reacted to this inevitable apocalypse, one never came. The American nation, albeit severely damaged in pride and reputation, is still standing so what really changed after the recession.

Well, if you have seen any low-income urban area or know of the reputations they garner, then chances are good that you know what changed. The economy fell and the crime rates rose as the divide between the haves and the have-nots grew to such a staggering proportion. Acts of violence and theft fueled by desperation.

And sure, while things could be a whole lot worse, signs don’t point to them getting any better in the coming years. Our nation has some difficult years to weather in the economic storm that is upon us.

Chardon High School Is Scene Of Latest School Shooting

On February 27th shots rang out at Chardon High School in in Chardon, Ohio. The shooter was identified as 17-year-old T.J. Lane. He was arrested as he attempted to flee the campus directly after the shooting. The motive for the shooting remains unknown but was clearly premeditated. An analysis of the crime scene indicated that Lane targeted a specific group of students in the school’s cafeteria and attempted to aim directly at their heads.
In total, five students were struck by shots fired from Lane’s .22 caliber handgun. Three of the victims died and two were wounded. Read the rest of this entry »

Lopez Dress May Have Had A Slip And Miss

This year’s Oscars featured the ever sexy and glowing Jennifer Lopez in a stunning Zuhair Murad gown. The gown definitely showed off her curves, and featured a mermaid style flare at the bottom, along with cut outs on the arms. Many spectators thought that they saw the dress slip a little too low. It did have a deep plunging neckline but her stylist assures that it fit perfectly and they’d taken measures to assure Read the rest of this entry »

Jolied Pose Is The Tebowed Stance Of The Day

First, we had Tebowing. Of course, the term “Tebowing” comes from NFL quarterback Tim Tebow’s celebration reaction, when he goes down on one knee and rests his forehead on his fist in reverence to God. The pose has been parodied and mocked all over the internet and throughout the late-night talk show circuit, and has surely cemented its place in pop culture.

But Tim Tebow better look out, because there is a new posing meme in town. “Jolieing” refers to Angelina Jolie’s dress and pose at the 2012 Oscars. While attending the Oscars, Angelina Jolie sported a Read the rest of this entry »

Bruce Beresford-Redman Declares Innocence in His Wife’s Murder

Bruce Beresford-Redman, producer of the popular reality series, “Survivor,” has pleaded innocent in the murder of his wife, Monica Beresford-Redman. She was murdered, by asphyxiation, at a resort in Cancun, Mexico on April 5, 2010. Her body was discovered several days later in a sewer at the resort.

It was reported that the couple had been having marital problems. These problems continued in Cancun where the husband and wife, along with their two children were staying at the Moon Palace Resort. Several witnesses came forward including two British teenagers. The two Read the rest of this entry »

Was School Shooter in Ohio Victim Of Peer Bullying

Everyone was shocked by the horror that was done by the school shooter in Ohio. One of the defenses was that he was bullied to the point that he had done this. The prosecuter argues this. They say that he knew what he was doing. However, his defense lawyer had put on a stand a witness who gives account to the fact that he was always being bullied at school.

Now, the idea that this teenager was bullied is something that is a bit questionable. While family and Read the rest of this entry »

Dancing With The Stars 2012 Dancers and Pro’s Announced

Dancing With The Stars is once again providing viewers with a star-studded line-up of dancers for the 2012 season. Professional athletes, singers, actors and even a television host.

Green Bay Packer, Donald Driver is paired up with professional dancer Peta Murgatroyd to see if Donald has as many moves on the dance floor as he does in the end zone. Fellow athlete Martina Navratilova will be paired up with Tony Dovolani for the coming season.

Maria Menounos is going to trade in her Read the rest of this entry »